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A Little Sumptin' Sumptin' About Me

Paige Ponzeka is a graduate of New York University with a degree in Computer Science. She enjoys creating beautiful products with efficient technology designed to make people's lives easier.

At Disrupto, Paige worked closely with a team of designers and developers to implement web and mobile applications for Samsung, Madison Square Garden (New York Knicks and Rangers), and other clients. While working on a consulting team for the Brookyln DA's office, she interacted with everyday users to architect a database solution capable of automating the statistic tracking process.

At Group Commerce, Paige worked with clients on the implementation of e-commerce sites. She was the lone front-end developer on a team the reimplemented and redesigned a more beautiful and customer friendly content management site for clients using the Group Commerce platform.

Paige has experience with CSS (SASS, Compass), HTML4+ (HAML), Javascript (jQuery, Coffeescript, D3.js), Ruby on Rails, .Net, C#, JIRA, Pivotal, Git, Github and her knowledge grows everyday. She always welcomes the opportunity to learn new technologies!

See What I've Done